Wednesday, 16 August 2017

It's the LAW, not your OPINION, you socialist assholes................from Rico

The Soviets were notorious for erasing people from pictures and rewriting history to fit their narrative.
- A real example where Winston of Orwell's "1984"
illustrates of the Left's obsession with erasing history and creating a false reality. [Winston's job was to censor, edit, and rewrite pesky facts to suit Big Brother and the Party.]
Now we have the Left [Antifa/BLM] trying to do the very same thing in America, and VETERANS are one of the targets.
- This is what happens when your mind is too small to grasp or appreciate history, heritage, or facts that do not "fit" with your narrow world view. [read: socialist twatwaffles]
Here's a reminder:
- Whether Union or Confederate veterans, they are ALL American veterans under both the law of the land and any reasonable moral compass.

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