Tuesday, 29 August 2017

"Progressive Judaism" The Jews' Alt-Left....................from Dan Friedman

[Friends, this is noteworthy, not because of the liberal use of leftist bromides couched in quasi-spiritual terms, but for no other reason than all three (falling) branches of America's progressive Jewish "movements" putting their empty heads together and affixing their names therewith.
For those of us who have been yearning for it, this is a rare example of "Jewish unity." What a pity then, that the nexus of agreement has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism or, for that matter, political rationality either. Looking ahead, using contemporary radical leftist mania as a guide, I guess we can expect this pig-pink gaggle to storm yeshivas and start pulling down pictures of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rambam and the Chofetz Chaim next. Or better yet, driving a speeding car down the streets of Mea Shearim mowing down Hasidim on Shabbat! df]

Joint Statement Regarding Presidential High Holiday Call

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