Thursday, 10 August 2017

Socialist Theft - Confiscate Inheritances To Fund The Welfare State.............from Daniel Thomas

Socialists never cease to amaze with their ability to remain committed to their perverted ideology despite the evidence of its failure unfolding before their eyes. From Venezuela to Zimbabwe, from North Korea to Angola, socialism has only ever succeeded in bringing national bankruptcy, poverty and eventually bloody repression.

It never ceases to amaze either that supposedly intelligent, well educated people are so dedicated to their ideology they are blind to natural human instincts particularly with regards to families, children and the freedom to do as they please with the hard earned fruits of their labour.

A columnist for The Guardian newspaper, Abi Wilkinson, is one such ideologue who has suggested a 100% Inheritance Tax to fund the welfare state which has witnessed a deliberately engineered increase in dependency, along with rampant waste, fraud and abuse.

The appetite of the welfare state for ever increasing sums of money to fund its vote gathering operations will never be satiated even after the last drop of blood has been sucked from the taxpayer.

Like all socialists this Guardianista has endowed the welfare state with divine status as a pretense to confiscate the private wealth of individuals for redistribution in line with her ideology while ignoring the Venezuelan type disaster this will engender. (See here)

It's irrelevant to Ms. Wilkinson and her comrades that any assets and savings belonging to the long suffering British people have been accumulated after the government has subjected them to penal levels of taxation throughout their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Dutch leftists have been trying to get the same thing put in place. Of course only "for the rich", which in their view is anyone with an income higher than social security (and thus anyone with any inheritance worth talking about).

Not really surprising, socialists are murderous thieving thugs, the lot of them, no different from any other mugger and bully out there.

Daniel Thomas said...

American leftists are also after inheritances. It's safe to say that it's a part of the global socialists agenda.