Friday 18 August 2017

UNUM E PLURIBUS.....................from Rico

No, you will NOT hear this from the enabling and complicit MSM Leftists.
- If you rely upon them for your news and/or opinions you are both uninformed and misinformed to badly paraphrase Mark Twain. [for recent graduates of government-run indoctrination centers aka screwels, read: you be screwed.]
Pulling down the Durham, NC Confederate monument was NOT a spontaneous, random act by a 'triggered' passer-by.
- Ladder girl with the noose was in fact a member of the WWP (Worker's World Party), a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group.
It's NOT about slavery, the Confederacy, or white's ALL about Communists pulling down America to destroy it.
- And the Democrats (C) who have gone hard-Left are all for it, along with increasing numbers of RINO's (Socialists) who are gutlessly standing aside and trying to appease their way to a 'safe space.'
The effort is well-funded by SORO$ and other uber-wealthy Leftist cronies, planned by KAFKA, and intended to herd the sheeple into a future forewarned by ORWELL.
- On the surface it may seem 'merely' that the Left wants to turn US History into a progressive "safe space" by erasing it, but it's actually about cultural genocide.
Think: OUT OF ONE, MANY (divide and conquer) instead of OUT OF MANY, ONE (e pluribus unum).

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