Tuesday, 22 August 2017

USS McCain - What utter BS....................from Rico

This mimics the earlier incident where the USS Fitzgerald "ran into" a merchant vessel with its SIDE.
Photos from the 7th Fleet show damage to the USS McCain on the port side (left for journalists) just aft of the superstructure (behind the big structure on the deck) along the waterline, just below the CIWS turret (close-in weapons system).
The story is that the "McCain" "ran into" a merchant vessel.
- Once again, how the fuck do you 'run into' anything with the side of an underway ship, and sustain damage NOT TO THE BOW (again for journalists: the pointy-end at the front of the ship) but in the far to the REAR SIDE?
I suspect that the Chinese People's Liberation Navy "spoofed" the operative radars of both vessels involved (just like I think they did with the "Fitz"), but it was the merchant vessel that ran into the US destroyer. Again.
- The crewmen standing watch on the McCain could probably do little other than 'watch' helplessly as they were rammed, so they'll likely be blamed to 'cover' for another attack on an American warship on the open sea.


Tamquam L. Rugiens said...

Having spent my entire 4 year enlistment aboard a US destroyer my question is "How can this happen?" Never mind the radar of CIC, but there are supposed to be sailors called lookouts standing on the superstructure equipped with binoculars scanning the ship's surroundings out to the horizon with their eyes. Given that all vessels during the hours of darkness carry running lights designed to alert lookouts to their presence, and even in their absence the loom of such a huge ship would have been noticeable to said lookouts long before the collision could take place that these collisions took place is incomprehensible.

Unless the lookouts were asleep, bombed out to their minds on drugs or simply not posted.

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