Friday, 1 September 2017

#Je Suis Texas? - No Sympathy for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey................from Daniel Thomas

Apart from being perpetrated by Muslim jihadists, the recent terror attacks in Barcelona, Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Nice, Brussels and especially the Charlie Hebdo massacre had two other things in common; they were all self-inflicted tragedies facilitated by a political class dedicated to imposing Islam on their citizens and they all triggered an outpouring of sympathy from public and politicians alike.

Landmarks were lit up in the national colours of the victim nation, likewise Facebook users changed their background and profile colours, Hashtag Twitter campaigns were started and messages of sympathy from around the world for the victims were delivered.

Politicians and celebrities rushed to the nearest TV camera to put their sympathy on parade and to utter once again their well-rehearsed soundbites.

Soundbites such as “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families” which is the standard soundbite after one of these national tragedies. The meaningless but oft repeated “We are standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the people of Barcelona/Paris/London….” is another favourite.

To the eternal shame of the world and its leaders there has been no outpouring of sympathy for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, no national monuments lit up in the colours of the Stars and Stripes, no displays of solidarity meaningless or not, no Facebook or Twitter Hashtag campaigns and no offers of financial help. This despite the fact this is a natural disaster as opposed to a self-inflicted one.

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