Tuesday, 5 September 2017

More WINNING?............​..from Rico

If the RUMINT is true, and Trump announces the end of the illegal and unconstitutional DACA that Obunghole created with the stroke of his pen (with Soros holding his hand at the time), then I'd call that more WINNING.
- I can't wait for the formal announcement Tuesday.
Of course, the "big club" aka the "uniparty" ain't gonna be happy, which qualifies as a two-fer in the WINNING category.
- There is no room in their exclusive club for America.
The perfect trifecta of WINNING will be watching all the rats unmask themselves.
- And I hear that Jeb! is already claiming to be the hardest hit of them all. Good. Yeb! is one of the bigger asshole members of the "big club."

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