Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Working Class Can Kiss My Ass I've Joined The Ruling Class At Last..............from Daniel Thomas

                                                                         A picture gallery of Labour Party socialist hypocrites who sold out the working class

It was British journalist and author George Orwell who in his 1937 book The Road To Wigan Pier, took the view that upper class or bourgeoisie socialists were soggy sentimentalists who were all for a classless society so long as they see the proletariat through the wrong end of the telescope; force them into any real contact with the proletariat and they retreat back into their inherent patronising snobbishness.

Admire him or not he was prophetic as his other novels Animal Farm and 1984 attest. The worst kind of socialist in Orwell's mind was the trade union leader or labour representative who was elected into office to look after the interests and well being of his fellow workers only to join the class they have sworn an oath to fight, then go on to adopt their mannerisms and way of life.

This is certainly true in the case of the British Labour Party, many of whom swore by all that was holy that they would never sit with the upper class and the aristocracy in the hated House of Lords.

This institution is the upper chamber of British legislature which was once exclusively populated by Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual; in other words hereditary Peers and Bishops. It was regarded by socialists and others as the bastion of Great Britain's class based society with its unearned privilege, patronage, inequality and injustice.

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