Sunday 17 September 2017

Well, SHE sure didn't "happen"............from Rico

Lady MacClinton's definitely NOT Shakespearean ghost-written tome WHAT HAPPENED is a mere drive-by shooting of of "them" (everybody else, they) and ignores the fact that Hillary DIDN'T "happen."
- Hillary NEVER "happened." She never will "happen."
But it's not her fault, it's "them"...the vast "they" it's everyone who is NOT Hillary.
The dilemma is whether to tell the most irrelevant and hated political figure in modern America to (a) STFU and go away, or (b) please continue to provide endless hilarity with your insane ravings is a considerable one.
- I think ESAD and/or FOAD is my preferred end game for HMF (Her Marxist Fithiness), but there are still a few masochists who dote on her sh*t and endlessly debate "chunky" or "creamy".....too bad for those fools.

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