Monday, 9 October 2017

Another Jewish Institution Absorbed by the Left................from Dan Friedman

[No one can say we weren’t informed. A few steadfast Jewish partisans like Ronn Torossian, Daniel Greenfield, Richard Allen, Helen Freedman, and a handful of others, sent out clear warnings just before the holidays that the Center for Jewish History (CJH) had been commandeered by the anti-Zionist Left. Now that arch Israel-basher, David N. Myers, has been given the keys to his office, things at CJH are moving quickly in a direction you might expect. 
Myers has opened the doors and issued a warm welcome to Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP), one of America’s most virulently Israel-hating front groups, and all in broad daylight. This will go along way to legitimize an extremist anti-Israel group (with absolutely no Jewish bona fides) that heretofore was relegated to the fringe and forced to operate in the shadows. Say what you will about American Jews like Myers who work to weaken and destroy the Jewish character of Israel: they dance circles around fat complacent Jews like us when it comes to zeal and political prowess…and they’re making the rest of look like schleppers. We should all be ashamed of ourselves - if we had any shame in the first place. df]

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