Friday, 6 October 2017

Ballistics vs, BS and Loud Quacking....................from Rico

It's difficult to "think" between the loud quacking coming from politicians busily trying to push their agendas on the back of the Las Vegas 'incident'...although in Hillary's case it's more like shit through a goose...[I won't use the word 'tragedy' here because it is seeming more like an orchestrated 'false flag' which requires a very different word.] and the incompetent MSM which buries us in BS minutia while somehow avoiding the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" as much as possible.
- Both sets of drooling Leftists offer as much substance as wind through a duck. Perhaps that is the point.
It's not like the corruption trial of Menendez (D) is worth covering, or any other serious events.
Let's talk ballistics, something simple yet completely avoided.
1. Do the rounds that killed and wounded people match the weapons found in the shooter's room?
2. Are there rounds that do NOT match, meaning there was more than one shooter?
Lost in the shuffle was the 'news' of the WYNN having started 'screening' customers like the TSA does at airports within 24hrs of the shooting.
- Expect this to become the norm for all las Vegas casinos. For 'safety' don'tcha know?
There is a virtuous circle that attaches to such events which is purposely 'ignored' by the MSM and Politicians. I call it stealing freedom for profit.
- Use an incident like Las Vegas
- Increase security measures [somebody 'profits']
= Less freedom

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