Friday, 20 October 2017

Columbus And Che Guevara Day – A Day For The Word To Celebrate.....................from Daniel Thomas

Being cast into the communications wilderness for a while I was unable to share my celebration of October 9th as planned. So better late than never here it is.

This day is a very special day in history that should rank alongside all other days of celebration with equal if not higher status.

The enemies of America, and consequently the enemies of liberty and civilisation itself, are agitating to abolish the day that celebrates the discovery of the New World by Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus and replace it with something erroneously called ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’.

In their crude attempt to re-write history, these enemies of America and civilisation claim that European settlers stole the land from peaceful Indian tribes who were living in harmony with each other and Mother Earth, harvesting from the land only what they needed to live.

Portraying life in pre-Columbus America as some kind of love fest where tribal leaders spent their spare time smoking peace pipes and dancing around camp fires to the throbbing beat of Tom Toms could not be further from the truth.

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