Tuesday 31 October 2017

Ever get that sinking feeling...............

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Ken Mitchell said...

If there was any person in the world who would have been able to prove that Barry Obama had been born in Kenya, or anyplace other than the United States, Bill Clinton is that man. You can be assured that he sincerely tried to find that information, and was unable to do so. Otherwise, he would have exposed Obama as a fraud before he could ever have filed papers to run against Hillary in 2008. As difficult as it is to accept, Barry Obama was born in the United States.

But I'd really like to see a DNA test comparing Barry to his "half-brother" or any of his other Obama kinfolk. I'd also like to see a DNA test comparing Barry to Frank Davis Marshall. Do your own comparison; get a photo of Barry, a photo of Barack Obama Senior, and a photo of Frank Davis Marshall. And decide for yourself; who was Barry's father, REALLY?

Ken Mitchell said...


Leigh said...

I'm OK with that.
How soon can you make it happen?

Whitehall, NY