Saturday, 21 October 2017

Hey CA, hold my beer.........................from Rico

FL challenges CA for most craven, moronic, and self-serving Democrat (C) politician, and says "here, hold my beer" while redefining the expression "ignoranus" [read: ignorant asshole].
If CA thought the corrupt former DNC Chair Debbie-hyphenate was rotten, they must be looking twice at the shit-for-brains rodeo clown who mistakenly thinks she is a "rock star" when she is, in fact, a "rock head"...that both of them are public laughing stocks eludes them as much as decency or any sort of moral compass appears to.
So now America is blessed with two Left Coasts, and an abundance of shit-heel "progressive" politicians whose "end justifies the means" approach to destroying what remains of the former Constitutional Republic (after Marxist-boy Barry was done soiling and sodomizing it) is their sole source of pride and purpose in life.
Oh, did I fail to mention that Ms. All cowboy hat and no cattle, like all Democrats (C) craps on the military every chance she gets?
- Yeah, like when she voted against death & burial benefits for families of fallen Afghanistan veterans.


Anonymous said...

Truly a pair of "Sad Sacks!" Nasty women for sure.

Mark Matis said...

Yes indeed. All three of them in that photo, LetsPlay.