Thursday 19 October 2017

It's long past 'time' to ditch Mitch..................from Rico

That penultimate "swamp thing" Mitch McConnell of the Republican (D) wing of the Uniparty has been clogging that septic tank laughingly referred to as Congress for far too long, and it is long past time that Mitch was ditched.
I won't go into all the ways he is indistinguishable from fellow corrupticrat Schmuckie Schumer  of the Democratic (C) wing of the Uniparty here, but there are plenty of very good reasons he should be tarred and feathered.
But how about $24 million good reasons why instead?
If you had ANY doubt about WHO the supposed "elected representatives" represented...that kind of money explains loudly and clearly that it ain't YOU happy voter.
- Mitch Schumer, Nancy Ryan, Schmuck McConnell and Paul Pelosi all represent the Uniparty...and the Uniparty represents the K-street special interests who pay them, making Congress the best government their money can buy. [We have seen clearly what $4 million in payoffs to Mitchie buys.]
And the "we the people" that are supposed to be represented by Mitchie-poo and friends?
- Well, they can't say that since they're obviously NOT getting their money's worth...not even at the paltry $193K per year the taxpayers pay him.

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