Saturday 7 October 2017

Lies matter......................from Rico

Lies matter. Especially when taken at face value and one is ignorant of the facts.
- Yes, I speak to career politicians and those who get their "news" from the legacy MSM.
Speaking of being ignorant of the facts...
- BLM (Black Lies Matter) and the the underlying issue driving the NFL (National Felons league) to take a self-inflicted knee to their popularity-ratings-advertisers has been the FAKE NARRATIVE about white cops shooting 'innocent' black dindu 'nuffins.
Look at the statistics for who really shoots blacks.
- It's not cops of any color, but other blacks who tend to shoot blacks.
The overarching Leftist FALSE NARRATIVE is, of course, to blame whites for every real or imagined evil in the world, and give them no credit for bringing culture and civilization to an otherwise unorganised, tribal, and uncivilized world.
- The FAKE NEWS is all to happy to jump on the "blame whitey" bandwagon at every opportunity...the latest being to "blame whitey" for all the mass shootings.
Look at the statistics for who really is responsible for the majority of mass shootings.
- Ooopsie. The Lefties are 'wrong' again [read: lying].
To badly paraphrase St Anne of Barnhardt: 'If you listen to the MSM you're either stupid, or on drugs.'

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