Monday, 30 October 2017

Scariest Halloween Mask...................from Rico

You want scary this Halloween? (Or Samhain as the now soulless Democrats (C) tend to call it, especially at their 'spirit cooking' dinners).
THIS, then, is THE scariest Halloween mask evah!
- Thanks and h/t to the Earl of Taint.
And for even scarier than scariest? Think about THIS:
- This Communist goblin almost was America's President. Just imagine the 'spirit cooking' dinners she would have had in the Red Shed with Tony Podesta and Co.?
I'm not certain what kind of 'treats' you'll garner wearing one of these fugly things, but in all likelihood some jail time may be in the offing.
- Speaking of 'offing' perhaps HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) needs to start being concerned about being 'Arkancided' herself, now that she has become a very public liability for the crime family.
Former DNC staffer [read: data analyst] Seth Rich could not be reached for additional comment on the matter of being 'accidentally-on-purpose' prematurely deceased.
- Joan Rivers declined to comment.

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