Saturday, 28 October 2017

YES, It WAS a DISTRACTION.....................from Rico

Congresscritter Rep Schiff (D...surprise) is claiming that Uranium One is just a 'distraction' being pushed by the White House (formerly known by Democrats as the Red Shed), FOX News, and Breitbart.
Why YES oh clueless one, Uranium One WAS a 'distraction'.....just 180-degrees out from the way YOU present it.
- The 'distraction' involved all those complicit in possibly the gravest crime in American politics (if you don't look too closely at Barry Soetoro's fraudulent pResdiency, that is) covering-up, hiding, lying, and concealing the FACTS from the American people. In THAT sense the affair WAS a 'distraction' all right.
There WAS Russian collusion, too...just by the very people who were knowingly fabricating false claims of Trump and Trump campaign collusion.
- Like everything else the "progressive" swine say, a shrink would call it PROJECTION: falsely accusing others of what you yourself are actually guilty of. Well, a shrink may say it that way, but maybe Rep Schiff (Doofus Party) is actually 'on' to something...the criminals 'projection' WAS a 'distraction' from a YUGE criminal conspiracy.
Looks to be about time for torches and pitchforks kids.....

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