Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A Diet Plan to Die For..................from Rico

How about THIS for "fundamental transformation" kids?
Venezuelan Hot Dog.
Once upon a time, Venezuelans prepared their hot dogs with mustard, catsup, mayo, cabbage, onion and crushed potato chips.
Venezuelan Weenie.
Then, along came Socialist Weenie Hugo Chavez, and he "fundamentally transformed" Venezuela into a Socialist Worker's Paradise.
- Along the way, he bankrupt the Western Hemisphere's richest oil economy, and put Venezuelans on a 'diet' (which wasn't too 'healthy for pets or zoo animals' but people didn't need toilet paper...which had by then vanished...because there was nothing to eat, so they had that going for them).
Venezuelan Diet Plan.
No, it's not new. Over the past century it has been tried in Stalin's Ukraine, Mao's great-leaping China, Cuba, Cambodia....well, you get the idea.
- This is a "diet plan" to die for, yet Socialists cannot understand why people are building rafts out of trash to escape from it and/or climbing guarded walls and crawling under barbed wire through mine fields to flee it.
I guess Socialists are "missing" something, huh?

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Mark Matis said...

And just as in the US, Venezuela's "Law Enforcement" are doing WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. Who'da thunk Venezuela "Law Enforcement" was also filled with Rove Republicans boasting their standard character traits:

No morals
No scruples
No principles
No honor