Thursday, 2 November 2017

Communism has Consequences...................from Rico

For one hundred years now (1917 to 2017) the complete failure of Communism has been repeatedly demonstrated, yet it is still considered a 'good idea' by the ignorant and the ambitious.
- The lesson that Communist political repression always results in the oppression of the people under its control (not to mention often their deaths) and the ruin of economies somehow eludes its adherents.*
Take Venezuela.
- Please.
The Chavista Socialist Worker's Paradise of Venezuela (currently under the yoke of Maduro) has managed to collapse the largest oil-rich economy in the Western hemisphere, running out of money, food, medicine, and toilet paper.
- The Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar, now has a year-on-year inflation rate against the dollar of 2,875% (which is likely even higher against the Chines Yuan) which probably means very little to those starving to death for lack of food, or those dying from lack of medicine.
* AntiFa, Bernie, Hillary, and Barry could not be reached for comment.

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