Thursday, 9 November 2017

Election Views.............

We Republicans got clobbered in this election.  I could understand NJ, but Virginia, Westchester, and Nassau County send us a clear picture of what to expect in all elections up to and including 2020.
I have a friend who was a local Democrat leader.  He told me that the only real campaigning for the majority of Democrats is to tell their voters not to be concerned with who is on the ballot, just vote the straight Democrat line, and that is what those sheep do.
I hope this wakes up the Republicans, but I am skeptical about that happening.
I know he is in bad physical shape but nothing will ever change Rand Paul.  His father taught him well and that is to be a nuisance to the party.  I used to like Paul Ryan, but he wants to replace Trump and is kissing the ass of Democrats,
The big weasel of all is John McCain. He has dishonored his father Admiral McCain and his Japanese prisoners period is filled with lies about how heroic he was.
The Republicans are like Jews, always quarreling with each other.  Maybe that is why so many Jews are Democrats.
Whatever the problem, there is no doubt that Tsoros and his cohorts are going to do everything and anything possible to put this country on the road to Socialism.
Don't discount DiBlasio running for President in 2020 as well as another Obama, Senator Cory Booker from NJ.
Cuomo is itching to go as well.  At least he wouldn't be the disaster that the other two would be.
I am sure that the Dems have other possibilities.  The only good news is that Hillary is finished.


Tim said...

Why should we vote repub, they have done nothing. I am already actively campaigning against all of them. Screw 'em, they didn't listen. Maybe when the country falls, they will execute those repub dindonufins.

Leigh said...

Don't believe for a second that Cuomo isn't as bad as the rest.

He was responsible for the housing bubble crash, as a result of irresponsible "fairness" based lending policies while the chair of HUD.

He just loves to throw my money around on social projects, just to make himself look good. Then takes out TV ads to pat himself on the back for it.

Then you have the coup de grace, The NY SAFE Act. An illegally enacted piece of anti-Constitutional legislation, aimed directly at NY's gun owners, that was rammed down our throats in the middle of the night. To which 95+% of those affected by such law told him to pound salt. Some estimates have NYSA compliance below 3%.

Cast from the same mold as his father; Cuomo is every bit the Statist's , Statist.

From behind enemy lines, in the People's Republik of NewYorkistan

Whitehall, NY