Tuesday 7 November 2017

German Gold - What Changed?....................from Rico

While the 'usual suspects' were playing 3-card Monte and whack-a-mole with Precious Metal spot prices (Gold and Silver) in Chicago's CME [read: notional paper] CRIMEX market, American investors weren't paying attention to anything beyond their options expirys.
- Something changed, because something is changing.
I wonder what it is?
Forget China, India, Russia as the World's largest buyer/investor in Gold. In 2016 Germany became #1.
- German Gold demand has rocketed from 17tons/yr to  +100tons/yr.
- $8bn USD (Euro 6.8bn) was spent on German Gold investments in 2016.
This is worth both (a) paying attention to, and (b) giving some serious thought to.

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