Saturday, 25 November 2017

HRC in 2020? Oh Hell YES!!!....................from Rico

This is the "progressive" brain on kale and tofu, after 'huffing' unicorn farts.
- While the slogan "Hillary for Prison" really resonates with anyone having two wits to rub together, the Leftards simply cannot let go of their "Hillary for President" fantasy.
Salon (aka Moonbat Central Publications) has an article out suggesting that it makes sense for HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) Hillary to run in 2020.
- Oh HELL yes! Please do!
Felonius von Pantsuit is high entertainment any time, but the added drama of a 9th Circuit Court ruling that a multiple felon has the right to run for elected office would be damned amusing.
- Lifelong Hillary supporter and crony VA Gov Terry McAuliffe established the precedent for Hillary's next run by allowing convicted felons to vote for Hillary in 2016, so the feckless 9th Circuit has that going for them. Hillary, too.
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.
- Is there not enough garlic and sharp stakes available to rid us of this political vampire who is probably lying even when she calls herself Hillary? (Oh, wait, there is that whole 'I was named after Sir Edmund' thing despite her being born years before his scaling Mt. Everest. Never mind, she WAS lying about her own name too).

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