Thursday, 16 November 2017

Pure Alinsky...................from Rico

The "Left's" embrace of BLAME WHITEY is pure Saul Alinsky [read: Communist].
- It 'worked' so well in Rhodesia, and South Africa, why NOT deploy it against Northern Europeans and America?
The 'cultural Marxists' that infest society today are busily creating 'racism' where it no longer existed, and while the less-than bright have embraced their non-existent 'white guilt' the "Deplorables" are talking back....and taking back their history and heritage.
- New statues are being raised, and I'm seeing more signs of "Dixie" than I have since the days of Lester Maddox in the 1960's.
Meanwhile, the heirs of 'black is beautiful' are still living in grass huts and smearing cow dung in their hair.......

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pkerot said...

They wore out 'racist', now we are all 'white supremist'. haha