Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Alabama: Establishment Uniparty 'wins' while voters 'lose'....................from Rico

- Those trustworthy fabricators of the 'news' at AP have called the race for Senator for Jones of the Democrat (Communist) wing of the Uniparty (Establishment) without counting military votes. Thus, (much like Cronkite declaring the Tet Offensive to be a 'loss' instead of the 'win' it was for the RVN) handing a PR 'loss' instead of a 'win' to the Republican (Trump) candidate who is not a member of the Republican (Socialist) wing of the Uniparty (Establishment).
The attached identifies the 'problem' for the voters.
- Democrats vs Republicans is a gross fallacy and misnomer, but an intentional one. Both are different 'wings' of the establishment Uniparty, one is just further Left than the other, while both are now Left of being right.
- Democrats are the Communist-wing of the Uniparty, funded by $oro$ and his ilk and representing them.
- Republicans are the Socialist-wing of the Uniparty, funded by the Chamber of Commerce and their ilk and representing them.
- Both wings of the Uniparty are open borders globalists who represent themselves being in power over the best interests of the voters, because clearly they as the self-identified 'betters' know what's best for the dummies that bother to vote...after all, voters 'fell for' the big con, there being NO Democrat vs. Republican anymore ONLY the "establishment" and the Uniparty.
This way every election is "heads we win, tails you lose" for the voters...much like the miracle six-in-a-row coin tosses Hillary 'won' in the fake Democratic Primary.
- Today is just another example of the Uniparty's "we win, you lose" fraud.

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edutcher said...

And, if you think that's an honest count, consider that the expected turnout was 25%, but the Demos claim they got 92%.

And the paper ballots have already been destroyed.