Saturday, 2 December 2017

Communism is the mortal enemy of Capitalism.................from Rico

As we try to follow the professional prevaricators (the career establishment politicians) on the subject of TAX CUTS, here is a guide to 'why' the 'rich' benefit from them.
- They are the ones paying the taxes to support the Welfare State.
Take a good look at where the money that is stolen from the taxpayers goes.
- This is what socialism looks like. It closely follows the 'Clinton Archipeligo' from the 2016 election doesn't it?
Why does anyone listen to, or give any credibility to, the butt-nuggets [read: Soros, Obama, Hillary, et al] who not only quote Marx, but think socialism is the road to follow?
- Because the public has been dumbed-down, and made to forget the likes of Andrew Mellon while made to beLIEve that Communism is their friend and Capitalism is their enemy.

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