Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Et Tu Fox....................from Rico

Having just made reference to Fox's 'poll' reflecting Moore (T) trailing his Communist (D) opponent by ten points in Alabama's special Senate election today, I thought it worth mentioning that:
- FOX is owned by Rupert Murdoch.
- Murdoch is a fanboy of Yeb Bush and Valerie Jarrett [read: establishment GOPe, aka Republican (D), RINO.)
- FOX is one of "the SIX" who control the MSM.
Not that FOX let their mask 'slip' and revealed their agenda-driven anti-Trump bias via a FAKE POLL at the last minute to sway an election, or anything like that.
Et Tu Fox...you assholes.
No one should be surprised.
- The politicians of BOTH parties D (C) and R (D) and their MSM kept-whores are more loyal to "the system" than they are to those who voted for them. They are only 'loyal' to themselves and "the system."
- And they all HATE TRUMP, because they seek power for their own gain, not for the benefit of the people they seek to have power over.

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Mark Matis said...

Fox is nothing more than Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. Why would one expect anything different?

But at least they are no longer also the Saudi channel, courtesy of Osama bin Alwaleed. I bet that burns the Shrub swill no end...