Sunday, 3 December 2017

GOP Senate passes Tax Reform, Democrats hardest hit......................from Rico

- This has GOT to be driving the "progressive assholes", Democrats (C) absolutely crazy (well, crazier than they normally are).
Not only did the GOPe Senate finally 'do' something besides sit on their thumbs playing 'switch' [switching thumbs and guessing the flavor], but their passage of Tax Reform INCLUDED repealing the most onerous and offensive part of ObamaCare...the individual 'mandate' [read: you WILL buy what gummint tells you to, or we'll punish you].
The vote was 51-49, with Sen Bob "swamp thing" Corksnocker R-TN casting his vote alongside 48 Democrats AGAINST Tax Reform.
- The clear message being it's not your money, but our money.
You can look at the tax brackets side-by-side and decide for yourselves, happy taxpayers and wage-slaves.
- After all...despite what the fake MSM and fake Politicians would have you believe, it IS your money we're talking about. [read: IS in any way a Clinton can define "is"].

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