Friday, 22 December 2017

More WINNING - both Left Coasts hardest hit....................from Rico

Understand why the Lefties are screaming bloody murder at the passage of massive tax cuts, and lying massively about them.
- Key to 'draining the swamp' and MAGA is (1) looking-out for the best interests of the American people, and (2) reducing the 'swamp's' access to power [read: money] like cutting taxes and repealing the largest tax-hike in American history...the solely Democrat-owned ObamaCare mandate [deemed a tax per Scotus, btw].
The final vote tally was:
- 664 Democrat votes AGAINST tax cuts
- 0     Democrat votes FOR tax cuts
It's reasonable to thus conclude Democrats are NOT for the people.
- Both of America's Left coasts 'hardest hit' by tax cuts [attached].

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