Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Failure of Diversity....................from Rico

Because "diversity"...and no other reason...the Libtards are turning Minneapolis into Mogadishu, and Minnesota will be next, soon becoming Minnesotastan.
- Are Swedes really that dumb? [That was rhetorical, just look at Sweden today.]
The camel's nose under the tent was the Somali taxi-drivers who refused passengers at The Minneapolis Int'l Airport with seeing-eye dogs (because they consider dogs unclean...while considering bestiality OK) or travelers carrying liquor from the duty-free shops (because they do not approve of alcohol...while considering the murder and/or rape of 'infidels' OK).
Then there was the 'diversity hire' Somali cop who murdered an innocent, unarmed, woman (who made the mistake of calling the Minneapolis Police for help) and will never face charges.
Now the local media ignores the Minnesota woman who was stabbed 14 times on Christmas Eve by a Somali.
The Muslim nation of Somalia has been a failed state for many years because of its people.
- Minnesota imported the same Somali Muslims who destroyed their former country, and are now destroying Minnesota.
This is an epic failure writ large of the misguided policy called DIVERSITY.

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Mark Matis said...

You keep pushing the "Somali cop killed a woman" lie, when instead it is just another "Only One killed another unarmed Mere Citizen". Just as with Daniel Shaver in Mesa, Arizona, and with Andrew Finch in Wichita, Kansas. The stench is overwhelming. And it is not Black nor Brown nor Yellow nor White, but only Blue.