Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Left's Sexual Purge is Running on Empty............................from Dan Freidman

[The "Sexual Harassment" pandemic is still all talk. Hundreds of allegations and not one arrest or criminal charge to date. But unfortunately, the damage to relations between men and women in social settings and in the workplace is all too real. The only winner in this sordid affair is the political Left which seeks to misshape our society with PC. If a few liberal icons like Charlie Rose and Al Franken have to be sacrificed in the process, then it is well worth it. The ends always justify the means in Socialist theory. OBTW, why haven't we seen this particular phenomenon in Europe? You know England, France or Germany? Are American men the only ones who can't control themselves? df]

Rape investigation of Harvey Weinstein stalled, accuser’s attorney says

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Take The Red Pill said...

"...Are American men the only ones who can't control themselves?"

Have you ever heard of 'Men Going Their Own Way' (MGTOW)?
You would be wise to investigate it on an unbiased basis. We men who believe in its personal philosophy believe that we should live our lives for OUR benefit; this usually includes avoiding marriage, not fathering children, and interacting with Western women on a usual basis of 'only when necessary'.
We who follow its philosophy have 'controlled ourselves' for nearly fifty years, controlling our own biology to the point that we avoid marriage and usually relationships with modern society's toxic feminist women.
This is an increasingly-popular philosophy of each man to decide for himself how to follow MGTOW tenets; we are not a 'group' like the feminists, we have no 'leader', and we have no 'demands' to make except to leave us be to live our own lives for our own benefit.