Sunday, 21 January 2018

And nobody really noticed any 'change'...................from Rico

Schumer Shutdown
In the 2,584 counties that Trump carried in the 2016 election, no one really noticed any 'change' (see what I did there, Barry?) when Schumer and the Democrats shut down the Government. In fact, most Americans would like to see 90% of the Government permanently shut down.
- All the wasted taxpayer dollars saved, plus removing all the impediments to the pursuit of happiness would be a Win-Win; for a trifecta an electorate finally asking the question "what business is that of the Government's anyway?"  
Second Annual Crazy Cat Ladies Convention
Neither was the gathering of pink pussy hat wearers really noticed by anyone.
- One is glad they had their "group therapy" but again, nothing 'changed' and there was no shortage nation-wide of sammiches reported.
Too bad there are not enough crayons to explain this to the 472 counties Hillary carried in 2016.

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