Monday, 29 January 2018

British Prime Minister Surrenders To The French Boy King.......................from Daniel Thomas

Since the overthrow of Margaret Thatcher by her own inner circle, the British people have suffered a series of treacherous Prime Ministers who have put the agenda of the globalists above that of their country and the people they have sworn to serve.

The political assassination of Mrs. Thatcher came about because of her patriotism and allegiance to Queen and country and her steadfast refusal to surrender its sovereignty to the European Union.

Not only did she stand up to the European Union bureaucrats and the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the EU nation states, she also stood up to her enemies inside the British political establishment at home. This included her own Conservative Party and the overwhelmingly Europhile Westminster Parliament.

Her unshakable belief in the greatness of Great Britain and the ability of the British people to govern themselves was not shared by her treacherous colleagues in government who had transferred their loyalty from the elected Westminster Parliament in London to the un-elected European Union Commission in Brussels.

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