Friday 19 January 2018

Fake News from the recent past...................from Rico

Fake news has been with us for a very long while, yet today's "progressives" claim to be shocked at the suggestion.
- The MSM knows better, having been fakes & frauds for a very long time, but is trying to pretend their hand was never in the proverbial cookie jar.
Youngsters probably won't relate well to what I have to say about that Commie poster-boy of Fake News Walter Cronkite aka the most trusted man in America, so I'll use an example from a more recent event.
- The MSM circled the wagons to protect Billy BJ when he was using one of his staff for his personal cigar humidor...among other things [think: the blue dress].
Then, as now, the MSM presstitutes provide cover for their fellow Lefties, and willingly remain silent until stories of malfeasance become too large to completely ignore.

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SA-X4 said...

I like this picture. Notice that her hair is flat on top. It's the result of banging her head on the underside of his desk. He would have awarded her an "A+" but the noise distracted him. Sorry Monica... you only get an "A"... close, but no cigar (this time).