Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Obviated......................from Rico

I 'used to' think that all politicians should be subject to random polygraph testing.
- Until I realized there was no point in it, as there was a 100% fool-proof method of determining whether or not they were lying.
Q: Are their lips moving?
A: Yes or no.
I have also thought a pair of these Stanley ear-rings would have been useful a time or two.
- Until I realized there was no point in it, as they're ALL at least half-a-bubble 'off.'


Anonymous said...

The question is not if , it is the degree of kilter postulated against your willingness to deal with crazay.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, "victim blaming". Thanks for femi-fascism, women are free to follow their urges (or not). Men, OTOH, must control themselves completely and the penalty for not doing so is social banishment or even jail time. A woman can parade nude, if a man touches her he goes to jail. The interesting thing is that these same women won't protest should an islamic immigrant rape their sister's ass or even theirs. Which asks the question, is the present "control" of native men really a "shit test"?

Billll said...

A co-worker of mine postulated that Testosterone makes you stupid, and Estrogen makes you crazy. It's natures way of keeping us from going extinct and proof that God has a really warped sense of humor.

Given that, you get to pick what level of stupid/crazy you think will be acceptable and run with it. Good luck.