Monday, 15 January 2018

Shitholes, Dumps and Third World Toilets..................from Daniel Thomas

The choice of a word, objectionable as it may be to the deliberately offended, does not alter irrefutable facts. If it successfully conjures an accurate picture in the minds of the broadest spectrum of readers then it is obviously the right word to use.

The latest manufactured storm surrounding President Trump for reputedly referring to some backward countries as ‘shitholes’ is just another chapter in the organised campaign to remove him from office. His choice of the word ‘shithole’ would be correct if indeed he did use it, however it would help if it could be corroborated by someone with experience in the field of third world countries.

As a working class Brit who spent the last 20 years of his working life plying his trade mainly in the third world, I humbly offer the benefit of my experience.

Having lived and worked alongside other western workers in 7 African countries along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Middle Eastern potentates, I can confirm that the consensus of opinion is that these countries are indeed shitholes of the very highest order.

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Mark Matis said...

Africa is not "third world". It is instead "fourth world", along with every Muslim nation. Third world is Central and South America. If you fail to understand the difference, merely look at the island of Hispaniola. Third world Dominican Republic on the east side. Fourth world Haiti on the west. Compared to Haiti, the Dominican Republic is paradise. But when you look at it closely on it's own, it is clearly third world. And by the way, it ain't about race. It's about "culture". People from third world and fourth world countries can CHOOSE to not be third world or fourth world, REGARDLESS of the color of their skin. Unfortunately, just like with Muslims, when their percentage of the population gets beyond a certain point, predictable things happen.