Wednesday 24 January 2018

Thanks, Chuckup!!!.................from Rico

I am going to have to 'change' (I'm weak, and could not resist that) my Nom de Guerre for Schmuckie Schumer to Chuckup Schumer.
- Poster boy for Democrat chuckups, that he is.
Remember (Hell, did you even 'notice') the ill-conceived Schumer Schutdown of the government?
- Well, it was two weekend days, and part of Monday.
The bipartisan 'deal' that ended the Schumer Schutdown Monday included another $31 billion in TAX CUTS!
- It also included delays implementing three unpopular ObamaCare taxes.
The three ObamaCare taxes not being implemented are:
- The Medical Device Tax.
- The 'Cadillac' health care tax.
- Health Insurance Policy tax.
Gee, how can we ever thank you, Schmuckie?
- Hey, here's an idea...shut down the government again why don't you? This could only be improved upon if you and Nasty P just went away...

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