Thursday, 18 January 2018

Think of this as a divorce...................from Rico

How many remember the big talk from the Libturds after the 2016 election about CALEXIT?
- They doubled-down on the Hollyweirdos 'threat' to leave for Canada, by threatening to leave the union of 50 states.
Blowhards that they are, they confuse 'talking' with 'doing' and the Lefty morons are still right where they are.
- Sitting on their asses, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
The New California movement has had quite enough of their shit, and is seeking to divorce the Left-coast counties from the rest of the state. [read: kick them out]
- Not coincidentally do we now find that 11 counties have more voters registered than they have eligible voters, one of them with 144%.
Look again at the 2016 election map by county, most closely at California, then mumble to yourself "Democrat voter fraud" while noting the 11 counties that voted for Hillary, and now are subject to a 'divorce' action by the rest of the state that did not.
- New California might just resolve 100% of the Democrat voter fraud there in addition to getting rid of all their 'sanctuary cities'...a win-win for the US of A.

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