Friday, 26 January 2018

Well, no shit....................from Rico

Apparently the DemocRATs and RINOs, who both support open borders for all comers and amnesty for the criminals already here illegally (instead of a merit-based system and enforcement of existing law) beLIEve the public is too stupid to see through their shit.
- The same applies to Merkel and the EUro-one worlders, who have taken their hypocrisy to even greater depths by 'inviting, welcoming, and rewarding' all those from Shitcanistans and Shitholios.
Such "diversity" is NOT strength, but the "displacement" of highly functional and self-reliant populations with more 'compliant' and more easily 'led' ones...less than effective populations.
- That last part is key: less 'effective' and more 'reliant' upon Big Government. This is the entire purpose behind the degradation of Western civilization we are witness to. [think: ethnic cleansing; white genocide]

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