Tuesday 13 February 2018

Military training sure has "changed".....................from Rico

Many veterans will recall how their training, especially the classroom instruction periods, was.
- To keep the young men alert/awake, experienced instructors would randomly insert out of sequence 'slides' (yes, this was before power point etc) of cheesecake between their instructional points. It worked pretty well for a bunch of young bucks who were used to a lot of physical activity 'outside' during their days. [Yes, I was a soldier once, and young.]
Now that the military has improved technology you'd think their 'training' would have 'improved' as well.
- Not so much under almost a decade of Obama and pc-korrectness. It has "changed" but like everything else the Lefties touch, not for the better. [Attached germane].

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Ken Mitchell said...

I recall a film concerning Inertial Navigation Systems that included a segment about Newton's 2nd law, that bodies in motion remain in motion at the same velocity. To illustrate this concept, the film included the "body in motion" of a bikini-clad woman running along the beach.