Friday, 23 February 2018

More guns=fewer homicides, fewer guns = more homicides..................from Rico

The facts do NOT 'fit' the scripted narrative, nor do they further the Left's politicians and the MSM (already known liars) will lie and exaggerate.
Look at the attached chart and decide for yourself.
Only a moron [read: a politician or a journalist] could conclude anything other than this:
- more guns = fewer homicides
- fewer guns = more homicides


Anonymous said...

This does not compute.
In the UK we had a gunman kill 20 odd scholl kids and teachers in Hungerford. The law was changed banning the ownership of handguns. Since then we have had NO shooting incidents at schools.
The US needs to open its eyes. The wide ownership and access to guns is the problem.
Trump's idea to arm teachers is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

This is really irritating. That graph is not legible. I wish you would not post such things.