Thursday, 8 February 2018

The State v The People - British Police Go Full PC ...........Daniel Thomas

As it slowly dawns on the American people that their institutions have been politicised and are now being used against them it comes as no surprise to their British kith and kin across the Atlantic.

Their institutions were weaponised and used against them decades ago. These include national and local governments, the mainstream media led by the supposedly unbiased, taxpayer funded BBC, the supposedly neutral civil service and the supposed envy of the world, otherwise known as ‘our’ National Health Service (NHS).

The most notable, and regrettable, weaponised institution is the once respected Police Force who are now fully fledged agents of the state who’s mission to protect and serve the public by upholding the law has been abandoned in favour of imposing the governments agenda.

Now known as the ‘Police Service’ it is led by specially selected Common Purpose trained operatives who serve the political elite and who’s mission is to use political correctness to intimidate into conformity those members of the indigenous population who disagree with the government's agenda.

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