Saturday, 3 February 2018

Working hard, or hardly working?.....................from Rico

If you have ever 'worked' for a living, you've surely heard "Working hard, or hardly working" from some wit, at some point.
Hardly working, example 1.
Hearing about the 50,000 texts between FBI Agent Strzok and his mistress FBI Lawyer Page made me wonder what the Hell were they being paid for, anyway? 
- They surely had precious little time left free to DO anything work-related. A 'clawback' of the wasted taxpayer dollars and termination for fucking-off full-time when on the clock is the least that should be considered on the face of it. As for the contents of their text messages, well, I'd bet Vegas odds that prosecution and jail time is in their future as well.
Hardly working, example 2.
The Democrats in Congress are another example of f**king-off while they are supposed to be on the job.
- Playing Candy Crush while assembled for the SOTU? Gimme a break. Again, clawbacks of wasted taxpayer-paid salaries and termination (recall) is the least that should be considered. Americans can be grateful, I guess, that they took a 'break' from f**king-over the voters they supposedly represent by making stupid laws.

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