Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Children's Cultural Revolution..................from Rico

People always look at me questioningly when I state my admiration for Chairman Mao (well, since I don't choose to associate with flaming Leftists, but prefer sane people this explains some of my preceding statement), and when I explain that Mao and his "Cultural Revolution" and his "Red Guards" assured that Red China would lose decades of real progress and fall waaaaay behind the West thanks to their misguided efforts I can see the light's go on. Aha!
- And when you consider that Mainland Communist China barely managed a mid-three figure annual wage for most of its people, and compared that to vastly smaller Taiwan's having an annual wage roughly equivalent to that in the US, the stark contrast between Communist Chinese rule [people exist to serve the state] and that on Taiwan [the state exists to serve the people] becomes clear to all but the Leftists.
I remember well watching the "Cultural Revolution" unfold in China, where children ratted-out their parents, and the goal was to destroy:
- Old Thoughts
- Old Culture
- Old Customs
- Old Habits
I am bemused (but not amused) to see contemporary America's openly Marxist Left* using its own "Red Guards" who are now agitating to destroy:
- American Culture
- American Customs
- American Beliefs
- American Lifestyles 
History does not exactly repeat, but it often rhymes really, really it is doing now.
- The Obamunists continue to try and "fundamentally transform" America, and Americans need to resist that great leap backwards and just say FUCK OFF!
*I don't just mean the CP-USA (Communist Party-USA), but their twin the Democrat Party which shares the identical political platform of the CP-USA and is as far-Left as Karl Marx, Stalin, or Mao could wish for.

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