Friday, 2 March 2018

Gee, thanks FED for....................from Rico

Looking at the attached chart of purchasing power of the USD from 1900-2015, you see that the purchasing power of the greenback has dropped -98.2% while Gold's has risen +97%.
- It's tempting to say "gee, thanks" to the FED, but the two very sharp drops in the Dollar's value reflected here are attributable to FDR, and Dick Nixon.
Not coincidentally, btw, the other attachment reflects the inversion of GDP and DEBT.
- Indebtedness has replaced productivity, just like Gold's value has replaced the Dollar's value.
So, to all concerned, I have to say "Gee, thanks for giving America the biggest 'Dirty Sanchez' in least until that fraud Barry Soetoro was foisted upon the nation.

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