Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Going Down?.................from Rico

The Dollar went from being "as good as Gold" to being "good for nothing."
- The Kissinger-inspired Petro-Dollar regime bought the Dollar some time, but time is fast running out...and not just for the Dollar, but the Yen and the Euro too.
Look at it this way: Gold was 'worth' $20-30 Dollars for a very long time, but the 'increase' in the price of Gold into the $1,300 range is NOT that the same ounce of Gold is worth more. The price has NOT gone UP, it is the Dollar (and the Yen, and the Euro) that has gone DOWN...it takes more of them to buy the same exact thing.
- Gold remains constant, fiat money....well, not so much. It's going DOWN.

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Anonymous said...

The reason for coming off gold/silver based currencies to fiat currencies was to prevent the population from realizing that inflation was just a tax placed on the citizens of a country. You notice countries still deal in real gold when making exchanges for goods and services government to government. However, make loans to other governments in fiat currency to make the loan easier to pay off and worth less than at the time the deal was inked. Our currency was taken off the gold standard and placed on the silver standard because silver was worth less than gold and by definition it would increase the money supply as now the dollar bought the same weight in silver as it did in gold. This was done in an attempt to get the economy moving by increasing the money supply. It didn't work. In 1974 we were taken off the silver standard and the dollar became a fiat currency in an effort to hide the insane 17 trillion dollar debt owed to the American people to finance the Vietnam War from the Johnson and Nixon administrations. Since then it's been a convenient way to raise taxes with appearing to raise them.