Saturday, 31 March 2018

Hillary's Good News..................from Rico

Hillary has some "good news" for all of us this Passover.
- She's NOT passing over any of us, and she's NOT going away or STFU!
How is THAT good news? you may rightly ask...
Hillary just cannot speak without putting one or both cloven hooves into her mouth.
- She just said that she's the "Rorschach Test" for women worldwide.
Well, she IS...just not in the way she means it.
- Hillary IS a "Rorschach Test" for all the bitter sociopaths and losers worldwide, both male and female.
We should be thankful for her never-ending reminders of WHY she was rejected by the sane both worldwide, and nationwide.
- Specifically in those 2,584 counties that voted FOR Trump and AGAINST Her Marxist Filthiness in 2016.

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