Sunday, 18 March 2018

No Witless Protection, and No Quarter..................from Rico

The panic, fear, and hysterical reaction of key members of the ObaMafia over McCabe's firing is evocative of cockroaches scurrying in panic when the kitchen light is suddenly turned on.
- This is beyond 'draining the swamp' and more like flushing turds down the toilet.
Brennan, Comey, dickHolder, Power et al further expose themselves for the defiant criminal liars they are.
Hillary was 'supposed' to win, after all.
- The malignancy of the Left was never supposed to be exposed for all to see.
More heads have yet to roll, and roll they will.
- There will be NO witless protection for them, and NO quarter.

1 comment:

Mark Matis said...

Those heads need to LITERALLY roll. And then be put on pikes around the Beltway as a reminder of the price for treason. Even though that will mean a head-and-pike every few feet for the entire 64 mile circumference.