Saturday, 24 March 2018

Screwing the pooch. Bigly...................from Rico

Trump just screwed the pooch. Bigly.
- Signing the cromnibus instead of vetoing it and shutting-down the government was a Major Fuck-up and General Disaster for Trump.
Did he get tired of winning, or of fighting the Uniparty of Schumer-McConnell and Ryan-Pelosi singlehanded?
- Nice work President Schumer and VP Pelosi!
Of course, the Republicans who are trans-Democrats set Trump up for this one, but I for one am tired of these losers and losing.
- These corksnockers (who just took a giant crap on America's head) just lost a lot of voters in the mid-term. Joe Shit the rag-picker has a better chance of getting elected now.


Robert the Biker said...

No, he's outsmarted them again! An Omnibus bill is not a budget, there is no mandatory spending in it, it says where certain people would like money spent, but that can be ignored!

edutcher said...

It's the only bipartisan thing we've seen out of Congress in years, so the votes to override were probably there. Why pick a fight you know you'll lose?

This is another continuing resolution, so Trump has discretion over what is spent and how.

This also expires 2 months before the election, so this all comes up again when people are paying attention. Not to mention the fact primary season is upon us, so a lot of people may be more fired up than usual to throw the bums out.

Somehow, I smell another Trumpian trap.

And you heard it here first.

Billll said...

Ideas are more dangerous than guns. We don't allow them guns, so why should we allow them to have ideas?