Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Grimm Tale of Two Cities.................from Rico

Two of the world's great cities are positively seething with the cultural enrichment that multi-culturalism has bestowed upon them.
- London. New York City. Making history, just not good history...
Murders in London have outpaced murders in NYC for the first time since 1800. Reported rapes are running three times higher in London than in NYC, too.
- Great job London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
It's clearly time that you 'up' your game, Comrade DeBlasio! Maybe you should try banning guns like London to be more competitive with them?
- After all, it makes you look bad when Muslims can kill more people than Communists can.

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Mark Matis said...

I wonder what the REAL numbers are? The UK hid rapes in Rotherham and Telford for years, and most likely continue to do so for OTHER venues throughout their nation. And New York and the other hives in this country have special ways of making crimes "go away":

The stench is overwhelming.